World’s Top 10 Culinary and Wine Tours

Culinary and Wine ToursFrom baguettes to baklava and wine to whisky, you can tour the globe on a full stomach and sated appetite with culinary and wine tours from around the world.  Whatever your tastes, there are plenty of great tours to choose from where you can satisfy your appetite.

For mystical tours of foreign lands, the Myths and Mountains company based in Nevada USA explores the cuisine of South America, Asia and Southeast Asia, and takes in diverse landscapes.  You can be whisked off to Argentina’s Iguazu Falls, Mendoza’s wine country, or Machu Picchu in Peru.  Gourmet on Tour puts on food vacations to more than 80 countries around the world.

The Wine Desk Cape Wineland Tourstake you on a fun-filled journey through South African wine, especially the vineyards of Cape Town.  The resident wine expert will talk you through the experience, making everyone from beginners to wine aficionados feel at home.

New Zealand is a land of plentiful food and wines, and a package from Custom Tours is sure to help you experience as much as possible. Each tour of the islands have wine and gourmet food themes, with personal guides to talk you through each step of the way.  If wines are your speciality, March Hare tours of News Zealand’s North Island are great fun and get you out and about cycling through the vineyards themselves.

Across the pond in Oz, the Australian Wine Toru Company is showing what they have to offer visitors, with trips to winemakers across Victoria and plenty of samples to keep you going.

Closer to home, try an Off the Beaten Path tour of France, which takes walking tours through the Provence, Loire Valley, Dordogne, Bordeaux, Alsace, Burgundy, Beaujolais, Paris and Southwest France. Intimately experience French culture, with opportunities to walk and ride through picturesque countryside, dine with local residents, meet village merchants, and ultimately taste the wine.

Cook in Israel is a company offering week-long culinary tours of local produce, open-air markets, and hands-on cooking classes. The tours are run by local ladies who love their food, and it is a unique way to get to know this rich country.

Culinary Immersion tours take you on a trip through the Far East, sampling spices of Thai food, Vietnamese specialities, and the tastes of Cambodia.  While getting to see some of these stunning countries, you stop off at each city for a hands-on cooking lesson.

And for chocolate fans, the Chocolate Lovers Paradise Tours is an ideal way to sample the highlights of Belgium chocolate.

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