Go it alone in the world’s best cities for solo travellers

Travelling aloneTravelling alone can be a liberating experience, but it can also be daunting if you’ve never done it before. When choosing a destination, you should look for places that are reasonably safe, easy to navigate, have plenty of things to see and do, and offer opportunities to meet new people. It should be a place where you’ll never get bored of your own company, but where you can also chill out on your own if you want.

London: London has iconic landmarks, plenty of free museums and galleries, lovely parks, and great shopping, dining and nightlife options. Many of London’s visitors are solo travellers, and furthermore, it is one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. There’s always something going on that will suit your interests, and plenty of people to meet.

Sydney: Sydney welcomes visitors from all over the world so is well geared up for travellers. Sydney has everything – shopping, theatres, museums, galleries, cinemas, bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs. The city also has a great climate, and nearby beaches like Manly and Bondi are ideal places to make the most of it.

Stockholm: Stockholm is a safe, attractive and friendly city. You can spend many hours cycling around the city’s cobbled streets, visiting its many museums, palaces and the Old Town, sitting in cafes, and even going island hopping around the beautiful archipelago, where you can swim, fish, cycle, kayak, or just relax.

New York: New York is full of single people, so you’ll never be out of place in the Big Apple. There’s always something to do – there are plenty of museums and galleries; parks for walking, reading and contemplating; skyscrapers to ascend; cafes, restaurants and bars; and department stores, plus iconic landmarks to photograph.

Singapore: Singapore is safe and easy to navigate. It has great shopping options, and a good choice of places to eat, including pubs, hawker stalls, and Indian, Chinese and Malay restaurants. If it’s your first time in southeast Asia, Singapore is an ideal introduction, and it’s easy to move on from here to other great places in the region, like Borneo, Bali, Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia.

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