Weird and Wonderful Bars in Brazil

Bars in BrazilBrazil is immediately synonymous with offering a nightlife and party scene the envy of the world. From all-night beach parties, to street carnivals with costumes and parades, to open air space commandeered with live music and dancing; Brazil can throw a party unlike any other. But if you’re looking for a party in a weird and wonderful bar, you’ve also come to the right place! Brazil is home to some of the most outrageous and unforgettable bars the world over. Here are some of our favourites…

The Blue Agave, Rio de Janeiro

The Blue Agave is a bar that promises to bring the outside, inside. Offering beach party vibes, street food nibbles and a selection of fantastic bottled beers and cocktails; this great bar is like partying on the Copacabana.

Bar Brasil, Rio de Janeiro

Stepping into Bar Brasil is like stepping into the middle of the last century. Featuring a decidedly antiquated feel; this gorgeous bar offers a certain vintage charm that is not often found in Brazil’s bar scene. Sample some of the delicious food and fine drinks selection.

Jobi, Lebion

This fab bar is unusual not for its extremities, but more, for its simplicities. Far from the opulent and decadent décor usually found in Brazil’s bustling bar scene, this stripped back little number offers a refreshing dose of minimalism. Specialising in Cerveja, the local drink of choice, it sells over 10, 000 glasses of this a week!

Bar de Mineiro, Santa Teresa

Looking for a kitsch and quirky bohemian hotspot? The Bar de Mineiro might be just the pick for you! Accessed by a rattling tram that takes you up a hill; this tucked away gem offers black and white photos covering the walls and a great selection of cocktails.

Bar Lagoa, Lagoa

If pink marble, art deco walls are your sort of thing then head to Bar Lagoa. A strange blend of sophisticated chic and kitsch cool – this fab little find is perfect for a couple drinks with pals.

Bar dos Descados, Sao Paulo

A bar situated in a formed coffee plantation mansion? Why not! This hip hotspot offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of the club scene.

Z Carcinerai, Sau Paulo

Housed within a former butchers, this fab little find is sleazy in all the right ways. Featuring low red lighting and original paintings on the walls;this trashy hotspot also offers some fantastic food.

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