Unique Christmas Tradition of Puerto Rico

Christmas in Puerto RicoPuerto Rico probably isn’t the first place travellers would think of going to for a festive vacation but if you like the idea of a salsa rendition of Jingle Bells then this is the place for you.

Found in the north-eastern area of the Caribbean the island is a fascinating place during the festive season with celebrations starting straight after Thanksgiving and ending in mid-January. No country in the world celebrates Christmas as long as Puerto Rico when the festivities end with the St Sebastian Street Festival in Old San Juan.

With palm trees swaying in the breeze visiting the island will provide an idyllic stay to help you feel relaxed and that the holiday season is upon you.

Foodie fans will love Puerto Rico for the delicious Christmas feasts available making the country into quite a culinary capital with something special to offer such as meat and spice-filled pastries known as pasteles and coquito, which is a rum and coconut-based drink similar to eggnog.

Just as New York is beautiful with its Christmas light illuminations Puerto Rico is stunning especially in the Old San Juan area creating the special feeling you get at Christmas.

Puerto Rico is a prime place for gifts and there are many shopping destinations available. Old San Juan is a fabulous area with shops specialising in jewellery and souvenirs. It is also a great place for clothing boutiques like Custo Barcelona and designer Lisa Cappalli.

Plaza Las Americas dominates one end of the Hato Rey district of San Juan with its more than 300 stores next to restaurants, a bowling alley and cinema. Filled with international brands such as Macy’s and Nine West there are also big names from the area including Bared for jewellery and Puerto Rican Arts & Crafts.

For something a bit more designer venture to Condado’s Ashford Avenue where the street is lined with boutiques full of items from names such as Nono Maldonado or head to Mademoiselle for some European brands.

Remember the festivities including parades and live music continue until mid-January but if you can’t stay until then stick around at least for Three Kings Day on January 6 for one final Christmas party.

Puerto Rico is a memorable location that provides a unique stay for anyone looking for a relaxing break for a festive holiday that is a little different.

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