Make the most of your trip with the top 5 must have mobile apps for travelling

mobile travel appsWhen you’re travelling it can be good to have some help. If you don’t have a friend in your destination or don’t want to hire a local guide, why not download a few apps to help you find your way around?

TripAdvisor: It’s easy to find the hotels, restaurants and attractions a place has to offer, but getting an unbiased review is not so straightforward. Luckily, TripAdvisor allows you to search for the best rated places in a given location, so whether you’re planning a trip well in advance or have just arrived somewhere without any fixed plans, you can act on recommendations or heed warnings.

FourSquare: This app helps you find the best restaurants or visitor attractions in a destination. Once you’re there, you can even get reviews of individual dishes from previous visitors, and also take advantage of freebies and special offers a place might be offering FourSquare users.

Wi-Fi Finder: If you’re travelling overseas, using internet on your mobile phone can rack up astronomical roaming charges. Although your hotel might offer free Wi-Fi, out and about it’s difficult to know exactly where you can log on. This useful app shows you your nearest sources of wireless internet. You can even download Wi-Fi maps before you go, allowing you to use the service offline.

Skyscanner: If you’re travelling on a budget, you can seek out cheap flights to your destination online. However, that usually involves trawling through many airline websites and booking sites. But Skyscanner does the searching for you, giving you the cheapest flights on your required dates, while also providing flight prices for nearby dates, which may be cheaper.

Better Translator Pro: Don’t let language be a barrier to travelling. Download this Android app to your mobile and get going. Best Translator Pro allows you to translate text in more than 50 languages, while you can even use its voice recognition mode to translate spoken words into about a dozen languages.

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