Travel Guide to Japan

Japan travelIt is rare to come across a country as fascinating as Japan steeped in great history and tradition on one side but fully embracing modern life and culture on the other.

If you want to sample the traditional side then head to the city of the former capital of Japan, Kyoto, with its temples, palaces and gardens that provide evidence of the country’s ancient beauty. Two of the most famous Buddhist temples exist here. Ginkaku-ji features a beautiful rock-and-gravel Japanese garden and Kinkaku-ji includes a gold-leaf adorned hall while both have a stunning lake at their fronts.

Head to the city of Osaka’s liveliest entertainment area of Dotombori which is a street running along the city’s Namba district filled with numerous bars and restaurants. Make sure to try the local delicacy takoyaki or battered octopus. Osaka is considered Japan’s gourmet capital so there is plenty of other delicious food to sample.

Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Park is the city’s most famous tourist attraction dedicated to those killed by the atomic bomb of World War Two and travellers can also visit its museum.

The country’s capital Tokyo is a city that provides the most rewarding experiences in food you could ever find with the world’s largest fish market so look out for some great sushi places. Tokyo is a mesmerising place to be with its flashing neon lights and shining skyscrapers next to stunning ancient temples.

For shopping lovers head to Tokyo’s largest shopping and entertainment district centred around Shinjuku train station with a few major department stores as well as Japan’s largest electronics retailers combined with shops and boutiques. For something a little bit more upmarket venture to Tokyo’s Ginza shopping district featuring high end department stores, a great selection of Japanese and international fashion and cosmetics companies.

If you’re a fan of hiking head for the iconic snow-capped Mount Fuji within sight of downtown Tokyo on a clear winter day and travel around the area that is the country’s highest mountain. Japan is a nation at polar opposites with itself but it is that uniqueness that makes it a captivating place to spend a holiday.

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