Transporting China: Getting Around

china transportThinking about booking a break to explore and investigate China? Don’t want to be tied to one location? The only way to properly experience this vast and diverse country is to travel around it. With such stunning extremes, from the bustling cityscapes of Beijing and Shanghai, through to the smaller coastal towns and rural communities, not to mention the sprawling countryside and natural beauty – don’t spend your vacation in one spot. Travelling around China is something that requires a fair bit of research and know how – aside from anything China comprise such an expansive mass of land – and so it’s worth thinking ahead of how you’d like to get from location to location.

One of the fantastic things about travelling around China is that the journey is part of the fun. Whether you’re thinking about a cross-country train trip or bus-ing it from one region to another, the sights and experiences you have on the way, will all make your trip the more memorable. Find out how to make your journey an unforgettable one with our travelling in China top tips.

Maglev Trains
One of the world’s first high speed commercial trains, the maglev (magnetic levitation) operates a route from Shanghai to Pudong. Travel via a standard cabin or a sleeper cabin, depending on how much you want to relax.

Beijing to Shanghai
The launch of a high speed rail line from Beijing to Shanghai means you can experience both China’s capital city and its largest city, in one trip, with relative ease. Again, offering the sleeper train option, you can book a cabin, get a night’s sleep, and wake up in a brand new city!

All of China’s main city’s operate a busy and well service metro option – allowing you to explore different corners of your chosen location by just hopping on a train.

With some thirty bus projects, connecting disparate regions and locations, bus travel in China is a slightly cheaper option than rail. While you may have to split your journey into legs, the stunning scenery and generally comfortable busses, will make that a none too unpleasant experience.

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