Top Ten Cruise Destinations

top-cruise-destinationsThere’s nothing quite so adept at beating the winter blues than having a good old think about some far flung destination you might like to visit, and booking yourself a little vacation. If you’re struggling to narrow it down to just one, or are thinking maybe you’d like to do a little something out of the ordinary, we highly suggest considering a cruise. With everything you might need to get your holiday started, a bar, leisure facilities, a fab entertainment programme, all aboard, how can you go wrong?! Here are out top ten destinations…


A cruise around Spain and the Spanish islands, such as Ibiza and Tenerife, is the perfect European cruise option. Offering fabulously mild weather year round, fantastic food, beautiful landscapes and so much more.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands are an increasingly popular cruise destination, with many cruises setting sail from the UK. You can sample a little Dutch countryside and visit some rural towns and then enjoy a little cosmopolitan culture in Amsterdam.


An Irish cruise is the perfect pick if you don’t want to be at sea too long. A swift trip across the Irish sea and a swirl around the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, for a unforgettable trip.


An Italian cruise is one of the ideal ways to experience Italy, as it has so much of a coast, and so much to experience on the coast. Enjoy trips to the Italian seaside or venture further inland if you want to check out a city.


A cruise down the Nile is perhaps one of the most favoured cruise destinations – and the chance to explore a fascinating and historically rich country. Luxury cruising is the only way to do this, making the most of all the on-board facilities.


One of the ultimate luxury cruise destinations is without a doubt a Caribbean cruise. Hotfoot across the islands for the absolute pinnacle in luxury travel, and then back to your cabin, to set sail.

The Maldives

Perhaps the most luxurious and exotic of all luxury cruises – the Maldives have a reputation for offering only the very finest things in life. White sandy beaches, gorgeous weather, fabulous pools and so much more…

East Africa

Perhaps a less-than-expected cruise destination, you can very often combine a cruise with a safari, cruising between Tanzania and Kenya, then exploring the wildlife within.

Islands of the Gambia

Another stunning and often all too overlooked cruise destination are the impossibly beautiful Islands of the Gambia. Offering beautiful landscapes and stunning beaches, sailing between these gorgeous isles is a lesson in luxury.


No one does luxury quite like Dubai, and if you like your luxury all out, this is the cruise for you. Sailing around the peripheral coast of Dubai – this is a quirky way to experience this unforgettable place.

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