Top 5 Restaurants in Japan

restaurants in JapanJapanese food is revered the world over so to sample the great cuisine or first-class chefs in its place of origin is a unique delight as the country has much to offer in its eateries.

Kanawa, Hiroshima

This is a special offering of a floating boat restaurant specialising in gourmet oyster dishes where you can enjoy the spectacular view of the Motoyasu River. Every variety of oyster dish is available from fried, baked, steamed, marinated or in soups or stews. The restaurant has been based here for decades and is a popular place for lunch and dinner.

Tempura Yoshikawa Inn, Kyoto

This restaurant is popular among Kyoto residents which is always a good sign of a decent eaterie. Its tempura is light and delicate and you get to sit in a teahouse setting which radiates a fantastic atmosphere. Diners can even head into private rooms for evening kaiseki meals overlooking a private classical garden. The food is superb but the setting adds to the delight of your meal.

Narisawa, Tokyo

This is a restaurant headed up by Yoshihiro Narisawa who creates stunning Japanese food with French cooking techniques. His elegant and minimalist restaurant that serves dishes with seasonal ingredients allows diners to feel like they are in food heaven. Narisawa is not afraid of experimentation making his dishes top class and his restaurant a real treat.

Hajime Restaurant, Osaka

The chef of this restaurant began life working as a computer engineer to put himself through culinary school adding to the appeal of this wonderful eaterie. He worked his way around France for three years and returned to Japan to open his own restaurant in 2008 to create some gorgeous modern French food where his love of vegetables and herbs shines brightly.

Sushi Mitzutani, Tokyo

If you come to Japan then you have to sample some sushi and where better to head then this great restaurant. All of Tokyo’s exciting sushi places are always tricky to locate and this place is based on the ninth floor of a building in a Ginza back alley. Reservations are only taken in Japanese for the 10-seater counter but you’ll be incredibly impressed by what is on offer especially chef Hachiro Mizuntani’s take on creating nigiri.

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