Places to visit in South Korea

south korea placesSouth Korea is a country filled with stunning landscapes, high quality shopping, delicious food and a real mixture of the ancient and modern world.

Visiting a country means you should take a trip to the centre and Seoul is probably one of the most exciting capitals available. It is a vibrant city with an infectious buzz that has lush city parks, fascinating cultural landmarks and an exciting nightlife that leaves a huge impression on its visitors. For some great shopping head to the wonderful markets and shops of Insa Dong for antiques, jewellery and arts and crafts. The city is also very rich in its history and has five major palace complexes where you can enjoy their stunning architecture. While they are all worth the visit a particularly fascinating one is Changdeokgung Palace with its magnificent secret garden.

Jeju Island is a semi-tropical island just south of the mainland and provides the challenge of climbing Hallasan – the highest mountain in South Korea. Climb to the top and you will be rewarded with a stunning view or why not just rest on the island’s white sandy beaches or take a scuba diving trip. Also, visit the exquisite botanical gardens, lava caves and the O’Sulloc Tea Museum where you can learn about the country’s traditional tea culture.

Hiking is a popular pursuit in South Korea so finding the right place to take part in this activity is essential. Songnisan National Park is a fabulous place to hike and a wonderful starting point is the Beopjusa Temple with its huge gold Buddha statue. The hiking will provide some memorable views and huts where you can stay along the way during your trip.

Seoraksan National Park is another great outdoor place to visit found just near the fishing village of Sokcho in the north east corner of Gangwon-Do. You can climb the mountain, go bungee-jumping, rafting or just chill out on the beautiful beaches. In the winter there are some stunning ski resorts in the area.

South Korea may seem like a small country but it has a lot to offer in terms of places of interest so plan your time well to reap the benefits during your holiday.

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