Must See Places in Texas

Lost Maples State Park in TexasTexas has what can only be described as a lot of flavour and substance whether it be in its restaurants, its attractions or its shopping.

The American state is a place ideal for a classic road trip so why not start in Austin or San Antonio and head to some cute little towns along the way including Johnson City, Marble Falls and Fredericksburg where you can enjoy the Texan countryside in all its glory surrounded by beautiful wild flowers.

A special way to discover Texas is to drive through the Big Bend Country region in west Texas where you’ll be in awe of its stunning mountain ranges, deep canyons and glorious sunsets.

If you’re a foodie then you can’t leave the state without visiting a great Texas barbeque restaurant and a fabulous place to start would be the Texas Barbeque Trail. Visit places such as Louie Mueller Barbecue, in the city of Taylor founded in 1949, that offers authentic barbeque food or go to Southside Market in the Texan city of Elgin.

A wonderful place to visit is Houston famous for its space centre but look out for its fabulous restaurants, museums including the world-famous art museum, the Menil Collection, and its vibrant nightlife. The Johnson Space Center is the prime reason to go as it is home to some amazing shuttles and interactive exhibitions that will allow visitors to test out their space knowledge while trying out some gadgets.

San Antonio is also a fabulous city in Texas with a wide range of activities available including the famous Riverwalk shopping and dining district, which is located along the picturesque winding banks of the San Antonio River. SeaWorld Texas is one of three in the United States and its branch in San Antonio is a fabulous place with adventure camps and educational programmes.

Austin, in Texas, is a great place to visit especially if you want to learn a little about the state itself. Head to the popular Texas State Capitol building which is still as majestic as when it was built in the mid-1800s and many tours are available to guide you around the area.

Texas is a state that is full of activities and key places to visit that it will require more than one holiday to travel around its many attractions.

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