Pet Friendly Hotels London

“Pet Friendly” and “London Hotel” are not phrases you might immediately put together, but at ThinkHotels, we offer a host of pet friendly stays across the capital. A pet friendly hotel can range from allowing you to bring your beloved familiar into the comfort or your room with you, or might even include some treats and extras for any pampered pooches or fawned-upon felines. Either way, a pet friendly hotel in London allows you to explore the city with your animal pal. We’ve put together a few top tips for those who like to travel with their furry friends…

A Walk In The Park

London is famed for its fantastic parks, with pretty paved areas and plenty of expansive green spaces to let your canines run wild – there is nothing quite like walking in a pretty London park. Find a pet friendly London hotel near Hyde Park or Regents Park and while away a sunny London afternoon pounding the pavements with you pup.

Pet Friendly Cafes

London is a city that loves its dogs – and so there are countless cafes and restaurants that welcome well behaved dogs to dine alongside (well, perhaps not literally) their owners. With a sneaky slip of a dog bowl beneath the table, your canine friend can merrily quench their thirst whilst you enjoy a latte.

Doggy Yoga

No typo, doggy yoga (or ‘doga’ to those in the know) allows your pet to seek enlightenment through the practise of yoga while you do. Doga facilitates a refined form of yoga allowing you to interact while you practise. Involving both poses in which you hold you pooch as well as belly rubs for well behaved pups – this is a treat for both doggy and owner!

ThinkHotels has a number of pet friendly London hotels across the city – be sure to check out or sensational selection when you book your next trip.

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