Party in Brazil

Brazil nightlifeBrazil is perhaps most famous for offering some of the greatest parties on the globe. From all night beach parties replete with costumes, dancing, music, performance art and more; to the club and bar scene found inland, across Brazil’s stunning cities. If you’re looking for a trip to Brazil to see the World Cup, but are also interested in making the most of your stay and getting out and about afterhours, take a look at our favourite Brazilian party spots.


Undergoing something of a transformation from day into night, the Copacabana in the day sees sunbathers soaking up the sunshine and frolicking in the ocean. However, at night the beach transforms into the ultimate party spot; with kiosks serving food and drink, open air music and dancing and much more. It is worth sticking to the busier and more well-known areas as it can get a little dangerous at night.


Salvador has been dubbed the unofficial party capital of Brazil. While everyone knows all about Rio de Janeiro, often overlooked is the carnival capital that is Salvador. The best parties are found in outdoor spaces, with a less glamorous scene than you might find in Rio, but all the more fun for it.

Sao Paula

If you’re looking for a party place that is a little more sophisticated than an outdoor or beach party – Sao Paulo is the place for you. Offering an eclectic variety of hip and chic bars, clubs playing a wide selection of genres and many an afterhoursafterparty.

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