What you need to know about the best Music Festivals in 2014 (Infographic)

We love festivals and this year we will not miss out from some of the best festivals in the world. Enjoy this infographic and scroll down to read more interesting facts!what you need to know about the best Music festivals in 2014

There are literally hundreds of music festivals in the world but we have made a selection of our favourite, and because we love to travel to different places, our choice of music festivals is scattered across the earth.

The Americas

* Coachella, California
* Burning Man, Nevada


* Roskilde, Denmark
* Glastonbury, England
* FIB (Festival Internacional de Benicassim), Spain
* Afisha Picnic, Moscow, Russia.
* Rock in Rio Lisbon


* Japan


* Big Time out Sidney

Many people regard the iconic Woodstock festival in 1969 as the great kick off of music festivals. In it, Jimi Hendrix provided a suprise appearance and left in print and film some of the most legendary moments in Rock History, making his guitar perform an unorthodox version of the American anthem. Interestingly enough, the oldest Festival in our list, Glastonbury, in England, started in September 1970, exactly one day after Jimi Henrix died. So the first Glastonbury goers could not see him burning his guitar.

Other European music festivals followed in the 1970s. In the 1980s, the ways in which music was consumed diversified; we got the MTV and the CD, and also the number of music festival increased, and expanded to more remote areas of the world. Rock In Rio started in 1985 and the unusual Burning Man began taking place in the hot desert in the middle of Nevada, asking its visitors not to leave a single trace at the moment of leaving.

Later in the 1990s even more festivals began taking place, such as Big Day Out in several cities of Australia, and FIB in the East coast of Spain, not too far from Ibiza. The MP3 came along, so people stopped showing off their neat Walk-Mans, although mp3s relieved many people’s backpacks in terms of volume and weight!

Then mainstream festivals such as Coachella emerged. Then the Ipods and Itunes came to the door, and at last, Youtube enabled thousands of festival goers to upload crappy mobile phone recordings of their favorite performances at festivals, discouraging other thousands of fans from seeing the same show! Or not really?

Some people say that festivals are overcrowded, it is hard to get drinks and impossible to have a neat loo experience, but they still attract people like a magnet. Rock in Rio Attracts 750.000 visitors and Big Day Out in Sidney 300.000. It is probably a scarce opportunity for Aussies to see their favorite international acts, as there is too much water separating Australia from any other place. Other festivals do not have so many visitors but still an incredible atmosphere, such as Benicassim (180k) and Glastonbury (120k). And it is surprising how some of the most talked about and popular festivals do not have such a great attendance (e.g. Coachella).

In terms of price, you do need to suffer boring winter afternoons at home in order to save money to go to Burning Man, as tickets are sold for up to $650. Of course there are more affordable festivals around. It is not surprising that the one with the highest attendance is one of the cheapest (Rock In Rio).

Let us be frank, usic festivals do not only please their attendees, but the media too. After all, it is all about gathering thousands of people in a single place for a single purpose, to have fun and enjoy music and culture. In the famous first edition of Woodstock in 1969, there were allegedly no fights whatsoever during the 4 days of festival. In contrast, 134 people were arrested in 2012 at Coachella festival. Is it that the spirit has changed?

There are many people writing blog posts about the bizarre situations one can find himself at the Burning Man festival in Nevada, but our favorite one is that you can actually enjoy different flavours of hugs at a Hug Deli.

However, if what you like is partying as if there was no tomorrow, you can go to Benicassim, where, because Spaniards drink to socialize and not necessarily to get drunk (although the outcome might contradict the purpose), you can get a bottle of Vodka for as little as $6. At the other end of the spectrum and coming as a great suprise, as Russians are not famous for being sober citizens, there is no drinking nor Smoking in Afisha Picnic festival in Moscow. So that is a proper Picnic then.

Last, our favorite fun fact is the Naked Run in Roskilde. In order to encourage such a libertine display, you can actually get a free ticket for the following year festival if you win!.

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