Don’t miss Kurt Vile at Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Kurt Vile at Shepherd’s Bush EmpireIt’s fair to say 2013 has been yet another great year for guitar music. Just as many were beginning to claim that the clot of successful indie bands that emerged during the noughties had dried up, the genre is back with a bang thanks to a host of intriguing new artists and the return of some true luminaries. And tomorrow night (December 11th), Londoners will be given a chance to indulge in a live performance courtesy of a man who has become one of the poster boys of American alternative rock in recent years.

Kurt Vile broke out of Philadelphia and began his assault on the consciousness of the music industry shortly after the turn of the millennium. His sound is one that is characterised by spiky indie tracks that also draw on material by grunge artists like Nirvana and Pixies. But to claim this is all listeners can expect is doing Vile a disservice, as his tracks also encompass influences that come from folk, psychedelia and lo-fi pop.

It all started for Vile when he began collaborating with Adam Granduciel. After spending their teenage years being encapsulated by the work of acts like Pavement, Neil Young and Beck, the two quit their day jobs and went on to form the acclaimed psych band The War On Drugs.Although the project proved hugely successful as a vehicle for Vile and Granduciel’s work, in all honesty it was never more than a sideshow for the former.

He left the band almost immediately after they released their debut album Wagonwheel Blues in 2008 to focus on a solo career that had already been gathering pace.The decision proved to be a smart one, as once he took full control of his own destiny he became one of the most prolific recording artists from either side of the Atlantic. By the end of 2009, he had released three full-length solo albums, all of which were well-received.

He took things to yet another level earlier this year with the release of his fifth studio record Walking on a Daze, which saw him break into the UK pop charts for the first time.After such a fantastic year, the show at Shepherd’s Bush Empire is sure to be unmissable. Anyone travelling to the gig from outside the capital will find the venue is easily accessible from London hotels via the Tube.

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