Christmas Tripping! Travel Tips for Xmas

Travel TipsA Christmas getaway often seems like the ideal solution for the festive season; avoiding Aunt Betty’s brussel sprouts, the traditional family argument over who does the washing up, trying to get the kids to tidy up after themselves – sometimes you simply don’t need the stress!

Why not switch rustling up the Christmas meal for letting the hotel do it for you? Why not exchange the post-Christmas mass-clean for a freshly turned down bed in a gorgeously styled hotel?! If you’ve decided to ditch the Christmas hubbub at home for a wintry break, be sure not to get caught out with some of our travel tips for getting away over Christmas.

Research, Research, Research

Wherever you’re treating yourself to for your wintry sojourn – be sure to do your homework. Find out which restaurants do the finest Christmas meal, take a look at some of their menus and get an idea of your budget. When booking your Christmas hotel it’s also worth finding out what Christmassy extras they are likely to throw in – such as Champagne on the day, or some other Christmas treat!

Book Your Christmas Meal! 

It’s all well and good thinking you’ll ditch the yearly stress of timing the turkey just so, the fuss over how everyone like their mashed potatoes and the washing up for a fabulous Christmas meal prepared by the skilled hand of a culinary professional – but be sure to book first! Wherever you’re going for your wintry break, a lot of other travellers and locals might have had the exact same thought as you – and the restaurants are likely to be busy and fully booked on the day. So think ahead and book your table.

Don’t Forget The Presents

One of the big head scratchers for a Christmas getaway is the issue of what to do about presents. Do you leave them at home and wait till your back or try as best you can to pack them along with you? One solution could be vouchers, which you can easily slip inside your wallet, or gift time-tested cold hard cash. Or even treat your loved one(s) to a bit of a shopping spree. Better still, hit the sales!

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