Cheap Hotels In London: What to look for?

A trip to the capital is many things, but cheap is not often one of them. With often soaring costs for transport, food, entertainment, shopping and much more – why not ease up on some of the expenses by booking yourself and cheap and cheerful stay. A cheap London stay doesn’t have to mean some rundown, back alley Bed & Breakfast – there’s a host of fantastic accommodation across London that won’t break the bank. The important thing is in what to look for. So here at ThinkHotels, we have put together some insider hints and tips to make sure your cheap hotel in London is cheap only in the cost…

A decent breakfast

Many a hotel stay hangs on the quality of the breakfast – and we are certainly in favour of accommodation that sets you up with a hearty morning meal. What’s more, a decent breakfast saves you even more money on food. Keep one eye on the guests reviews of the breakfasts, as your cheap hotel in London might just offer a rich and delicious breakfast.

The décor

When perusing the hotel’s pictures, be sure to take a look at the décor. Is it chintzy or refreshingly modern? Do you tastes lean more towards rustically vintage or something a little more contemporary? Find the right cheap hotel in London for you, by scrutinising the hotel’s pictures.

The in-room amenities

Find out what in-room amenities your cheap hotel in London offers. Does it provide tea and coffee making facilities? Are you going to have to pay extra to rent, for example, a hair dryer? Does it offer free Wi-Fi? These are all the seemingly inconsequential added value extras that might just make or break your cheap hotel in London.

Location, location, location…

How well located is your budget accommodation? Is it near public transport? Are you going to have to travel a lengthy distance to get to where you need to be? Ensure your cheap hotel in London is going to be accrue additional costs in expensive transport, navigating you in and around the city.

With just a little research, you can no doubt find a fantastic cheap hotel in London. Peruse ThinkHotels staggering selection of stays, for a budget break to remember!

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