Charming Christmas Markets in Berlin

Christmas Markets in BerlinChristmas Markets originated (partially) in Germany, and so what could be more appropriate than visiting one of the original Christmas market’s in Germany’s stunning capital city, Berlin? Christmas Markets traditionally run throughout Advent – in the four weeks leading up to Christmas. Dating back to 1384 (!) – they are a long-standing historical tradition.

Not content with hosting just one Christmas market per city or town – as you are likely to find in the UK – Berlin boasts no less than seventy separate Christmas markets throughout the city!

The Charlottenburg Christmas Market, is one of Berlin’s currently most popular markets, and originated reasonably recently, in 2007. Hosted at the Castle and surrounding parkland it takes its names from; for 35 days the Castle and grounds a immersed in a uniquely whimsical lighting, with around 150 vendors, selling a variety of handmade gifts, artistic treats and all kinds of delicious food and drink, all featured within the traditional wooden cabins and pagodas.

The Gendamenmarkt Christmas Market is situated in one of the most aesthetically beautiful squares in the city; and is perhaps one of the more vibrant markets. Street performers such a jugglers, acrobats, fire-eaters, choirs and many, many more gather to entertain the swathes of crowds that come to sample some of the markets’ wares.

The Spandau Christmas Market is one of the more historical and traditional markets in the city, located in the Prenzlaurer Berg district of Berlin. Home to over twenty stunning historic buildings and six beautiful courtyards, this is the market to get you fully into the Christmas spirit!

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