Book Now Pay Later: The Shed

Calling all theater fans! Bored of standard trips to the West End? Tired of sojourns to your local theater to see the same old stuff? Fed up of waiting for the more interesting and unusual end of the contemporary theater production spectrum to make its way to you? Worry no more, as the National Theater has got something very special indeed lined up, to answer all your theater going woes. Launching an edgy new ‘pop up’ theater, named “The Shed” – this fantastic new concept in theater is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a Book Now Pay Later London hotel and get planning your trip to the city!

Offering a decidedly more intimate experience, The She features just 225 seats, with tickets pitched between £12 and £20, so it’s excellent value for money. Situated in front of the National Theatre, by the river, this stylish and contemporary building is a must-see for theatre fans. All features productions have been handpicked to the venue, and offer something a little different. Take a look at some of the forthcoming attractions…!

Ours Was The Fen Country offers a unique concept in playwriting. Creator Dan Canham spent months recording conversations overheard in East Anglia, translating these found conversations into this spectacular dance and movement piece.

Riot offers a satirical sideways glance at the world of home furnishings sales. Director Tom Brennan imagines a violent and bloody battle as UK consumers scrabble their way for cut price Swedish flat pack furniture.

Up Down Boy offers a heartfelt and sincere rendering of the story of a ten year old boy with Downes Syndrome, going to school, for the first time.

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